excerpt of "No One by my Side"
time: 9:37 min out of 10:26
bitrate: 228 kbit/s
size: 16'420 ko

excerpt of "So Frail"
time: 5:21 min out of 6:40
bitrate: 228 kbit/s
size: 8'731 ko


excerpt of "A Scream to Express the ..."
time: 9:02 min out of 9:21
bitrate: 128 kbit/s
size: 8'470 ko

excerpt of "Racines Dénudées"
time: 4:42 min out of 11:05
bitrate: 96 kbit/s
size: 3'315 ko

excerpt of "Florilège Lunatique ..."
time: 3:34 min out of 8:07
bitrate: 96 kbit/s
size: 2'519 ko

The files available for download are MP3 excerpts from their respective albums. The songs are not complete and the sound quality of these highly compressed files does not represent what you can hear on the original audio CD. They are meant for discovering proposes, not for definitive audio listening. You are allowed to redistribute theses files, but if you do so, you need to keep the MP3 tags intact and linkback to mirrorthrone.com.